SKL Engines

SKL Motor GmbH is one of Germany’s most long-standing manufacturers of diesel engines. The machine plant has its origins in a shipyard that was founded in 1838. The company has previously been known as Buckau-Wolf and SKL, and today trades under the name MTU Reman Technologies GmbH, based in Magdeburg, Germany.

SKL engines have been used as prime movers in more than 4,000 ships. 50,000 engines were used in the Soviet Union’s inland and deep-sea vessels. The onboard power units were also exported to western countries. Another important area in which SKL engines were used was as diesel generators on land. More than 750 of these systems were supplied to India, with 400 going to Indonesia and 1,000 to China. The deliveries to India already included around 40 of the new 8 VD 24/24 AL-1 engines.

The Magdeburg-based company’s most recent engine is the VDS 29/24 series, which was developed in the mid-1990s and which underwent further development in early 2003. It comprises 6, 8 and 9-cylinder inline engines. With speeds of 750 to 1000 rpm, output of between 1170 and 2350 kW is achieved.

In the right-hand column you will find the series that are currently in use and which we can supply spare parts for.

Engine types

NVD 26, NVD 26-2, NVD 26-3
NVD 36, NVD 36-1
NVD 36/24
NVD 26/20, NVD 26/20 AL-1, NVD 26/20 AL-2
NVD 29/24, NVD 29/24 AL-1, NVD 29/24 AL-2
NVD 48, NVD 48-2, NVD 48-3


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