S.E.M.T. Pielstick

The Société d’Etudes des Machines Thermiques (S.E.M.T.) was a company specialized in the design and construction of diesel engines until 2006 and is now operated as a brand by MAN Diesel and Turbo and its licensees. S.E.M.T. engines have been manufactured in many countries around the world. A total of 34 licensees produced its engines since the company started.

Current license takers: 

Fairbanks Morse Engine – United States, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction – South Korea, Shaanxi Diesel Heavy Industry – China, Hudong Heavy Machinery – China, JFE – Japan, Diesel United – Japan, Kawasaki Heavy Industries – Japan, Niigata Power Systems – Japan.

The PC 2.5 engine, the improved founding engine…

The first PC1 engine is developed in 1951. With a bore of 400 mm, it develops 180 kW per cylinder. Its first marine application appears in 1955, aboard the ship Borée (two engines). The PC2 is launched at the start of the 1960s. Though it keeps the same 400 mm bore, power output is increased to 310 kW per cylinder – an increase that becomes a regular feature of the engine’s improvements in its subsequent versions: the PC2.3 in 1971, PC2.5 in 1973

Application areas

  • Main engines for the French navy
  • Diesel generators
  • Rail engines



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